4 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustments

Benefits Chiropractic Care

Taking good care of the spine means paying attention to the health of your central nervous system.
1. Relieve Stress
Having your whole system out of sync can lead to physical and mental stress.

If your spine is not properly aligned, it can mean that your skeletal and muscular systems are also in a poor position.
After the chiropractor performs a spinal adjustment, tension in the body decreases allowing you to successfully manage stress.
82% of participants in the spinal manipulation group experienced reductions of pain. (Source)
2. Align Your Posture

Due to the excessive use of handheld mobile devices, people are developing neck problems much earlier in life.
Most forget to assume proper posture hunching over their desktop or phone for longer periods affecting their posture overtime.

With consistent chiropractic care and physical therapy, there is a great possibility that the curves and tilting of the spine will be corrected.
This is ideal for people who are feeling neck pain possibly due to an improperly curved neck.
Both spinal adjusting and side-posture positioning produced increased separation (gapping) of the Z joints. This in turn helps to align your posture. (Source)
3. Enhance the Mood

Once your body has been adjusted, finding the balance of your system typically follows.
This can also include the chemistry of your body.
Chiropractic care helps to balance chemical secretions.
Physical therapy increases the release of dopamine aiding those who are experiencing depression .
Children who have an ADHD condition also showed a significant improvement in their mood.
Research showed 76% of patients undergoing chiropractic care, reported an improvement in their mental/emotional health. (Source)
4. Boost Your Immune System

The nervous system is responsible for sending messages to the different parts of the body including your immune system.
A healthy nervous system mean your immune system will also be optimized.
This will allow you to recover from any illness much faster.

During chiropractic care, the chiropractor removes the subluxation hampering your nervous system from functioning optimally.
Chiropractic Research Journal reports HIV patients who received chiropractic care displayed higher immunological responses. (Source)
Stress relief, posture alignment, mood enhancement, and immunity boosting are all keys to improving your health.
Whether you seek the help of a chiropractor due to certain health conditions or just to maintain general health, remember these benefits.
Chiropractic care can assist you in achieving the lifestyle that you deserve.
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