Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Due to Reproductive Problems

Sometimes Conditions or diseases of the reproductive organs in the pelvis may cause lower back pain.

In women, endometriosis and fibroids in the uterus are two of the most common causes.

If endometriosis is the condition, there may be pain in the low abdominal area before or during periods, and better afterwards. Some women will have painful sexual intercourse, or pain with urination or bowel movements related to problems in the female reproductive organs.

Enlargement of the uterus due to the growth fibroids may also cause an aching or dull lower back pain by pressing on the muscles and nerves of the low back. Fibroids may cause a feeling of heaviness or pressure in the pelvic region, frequent urination, and a sometimes a sensation of rectal pressure with bowel movements. Unusually long or heavy menstrual periods are common, and may cause anemia.

Although not as common, men could also have low back pain due to their reproductive organs. For example, prostatitis, a bacterial infection, can start in the prostate gland surrounding the urethra; in one of the testes, the infection is called orchitis. The mumps virus can be the cause of an infection in the system and may result in long-lasting fertility problems.

The most common reproductive problems that cause low back pain include:
1 Endometriosis
2 Fibroids
3 Prostatitis
4 Trauma from gynecological operations
5 Prolapse of the Uterus
6 Pelvic Inflammatory conditions
7 Cancerous lesions of the testes, ovaries and uterus
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