Lower Back Pain Treatment

chiropractic treatment for back pain

Back Pain is the most common painful condition suffered by women, men above age 30 and old people. Because of the stressful lifestyle, poor postures and unhealthy eating habits even nowadays teenagers are also suffering from back pain, which is a point to worry!!

So what causes Back Pain?

Back Pain can be a symptom of illness or medical condition you are going through. Back Pain can also occur because of some recent surgery you underwent. Most common causes for Back Pain are as below:

  • Stress  :

Back Sprain or strain caused by over load of back muscles. Obesity is main factor for overloading back muscles even pregnancy can cause overload of muscles which can lead to back pain.

  • Injury in back bones :

Injury of back bones / fractures can be caused by Accidents. Osteoporosis can also cause fracture in back bones as it makes bones brittle and fragile.

  • Degenerative arthritis:

Degenerative Arthritis is wear and tear process due to age, injury and genetic disposition.

  • Spinal Injury or Disease :

Spinal Steno-sis causes numbness and pain in your back. and spinal injury which is caused by accidents.

  • Kidney stones :

Kidney stones also cause chronic back pain.


Back Pain Treatments and Chiropractic:

 If your back pain is not chronic and doesn’t show any other symptoms with it, then it can be treated normally with following methods:

  • Bed rest – take bed rest for 2-3 days if it’s because of stress it will ease down.
  • Hot or cold presses – hot and cold presses can be used alternatively on muscle sprain in back.
  • Light Exercise – Exercises under guidance can help in strain or sprains. Back exercises should be done cautiously and under proper guidance only.

If pain continues after 2 or more days, then kindly check with your nearest chiropractor, who will examine the symptoms and prescribe better treatment. Chiropractic has been proven very effective in BACK PAIN TREATMENT.

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