Chiropractic Treatment for frozen Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic treatment for frozen shoulder

People often consider chiropractic treatment as the treatment for painful lower back or sore backs but very few know that this treatment is ideal for treating frozen shoulder as well. The chiropractic treatment has been proven to be better than various other treatments including physical therapy and other painkiller medicines.



Types of frozen shoulder problems

So what is frozen shoulder syndrome at all? Well, it is the problem where the patient cannot move his/her arms. The joint of the shoulder freezes to a certain level where a slight movement can result to excruciating pain. This particular problem has various stages.

  • Freezing Stage: The freezing stage is the initial stage of the pain where the patient feels pain in the shoulder without any cause. The pain gradually moves to the next level.


  • The Frozen Stage: The pain travels to the next stage, which is called the frozen stage where the patient cannot move the arm after a given height. Moving the shoulder more than that level can give huge pain to the victim.


  • The thawing stage: The thawing stage is where the patient faces a complete pain on the shoulder. Without a treatment this pain increases to a great level.

Cure for all stages of frozen shoulder

The chiropractor can be the right aid for treating all the stages of frozen shoulder. A chiropractor eases the pain from the neck from where it originates and treats it by initiating the flow of the nerve. It helps in joint manipulation and reduces the pain. The chiropractic treatment is the perfect treatment for the frozen shoulder patients.

Frozen Shoulder sounds like a minor problem, but it creates disability for the people. If the pain reaches to the acute stage, it becomes too painful to even move one\’s shoulder. And the person cannot hold or lift any object without support. Also, the shoulder being attached with hands, back and neck area, it acts like a bridge. Problem in shoulder creates tension in other part of the body as well.

The chiropractor expert in frozen shoulder can treat the patient really well & chiropractic treatment is very effective to cure this problem.

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