Healthy spine means healthy Child

child’s health is directly related to the alignment of their spine!
Now that kids are back to school- New activities, new back packs, new classes, and new teachers are a few of the factors that contribute to an increased stress load for parents and children this time of the year. All of these factors significantly contribute to poor health outcomes whether symptoms are present or not. Every one of these stressors interacts with the nervous system, yet one of the most overlooked areas of health assessment and maintenance is the spine.

Your child’s spine is not simply a stack of bones that helps them to stand up straight. Rather, it’s a neuro-structural organ that when moving correctly, allows for a cascade of signals to occur between the brain and the body. Research from one of the most well-respected medical journals in the world explains that when a spine is not moving correctly or in the proper position, a cascade of pathways are triggered in the spinal cord and nervous system. This alteration in the spine and nerve pathways, known as vertebral subluxation, predisposes a child or adult to a plethora of visceral chronic diseases as well as the progressive condition called Scoliosis. Scoliosis is a condition where the spine becomes increasingly curved and deformed. Scoliosis is very dangerous to organ function as it progresses.

Contrary to popular knowledge and belief, the cause of scoliosis relates more to nervous system dysfunction than genetics, physical traumas, or deformity. A 2000 study showed that any subtle changes to the health of the spine puts stress into the nervous system and sets the stage for scoliotic curves to be formed. The biggest obstacle in preventing or treating scoliosis is detection. Scoliosis progresses with an absence of symptoms, and by the time Conditions present, the young person is already suffering.

Understanding the development of scoliosis empowers parents with purpose when taking their children to a Chiropractor before the smaller spinal problem can progress into something more severe and less reversible – like scoliosis. Vertebral subluxations are not rare and can even be found among infants who endured the trauma of childbirth.
Children Need Chiropractic Too!
Subluxation interferes with the nervous system but is very detectable and correctable by a Chiropractor.
Research continues to support the philosophy that Chiropractors have been subscribing to and teaching for the past 120 years. Spinal health plays a tremendous role in longevity and quality living and is very frequently overlooked by medical professionals until a severe condition like scoliosis begins showing symptoms. Chiropractic is committed to changing this system of health care by educating all people about the importance of spinal care. Children going back to school should serve as an annual reminder for families to have a spinal check-up by a Chiropractor professionally trained to help all people achieve better health and avoid the progression of preventable Conditions that negatively impact children who are meant to be a healthy and full of abundant life.

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