Chiropractic Treatment for Leg Pain


Leg Pain occurs because of the conditions which affect bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves or skin. Inflammation caused by injuries or disease is the main reason behind any Pain.

Causes of Leg Pain:

Leg contains different types of structures and tissues hence leg pain can be caused by many different conditions affecting those structures or tissues. The most common conditions which cause leg pain are as below:

1 Herniated disc or Bulging:

Disc is a soft tissue which acts as a shock absorbed between vertebrae and spine. When the disc is damaged or weak due to improper lifting or degenerative arthritis, it is bulged on outer surface, which is called herniated disc.

2 Foramina encroachment: narrowing of the holes where the nerves exit the spine

It is a condition where the holes on the sides of the spine become narrow or smaller and creates pressure on nerves which passes through them. The nerve pressure occurs with certain position or movement. Common cause of foramina encroachment is loss of disc height and bone spurs.

3 Peripheral entrapment: pressure on the nerve or blood vessels away from the spine

It is a condition where the nerves or blood vessels are pinched in an area like; the hips and pelvis, muscles in the pelvis and legs. Inflammation in the muscles of hips, pelvis or legs may pressurize nerves. The misalignment in bones in the hips, pelvis, knee or ankle may result in peripheral entrapment.

Chiropractic Treatment:

Chiropractor first will examine the pain area and then an extensive spinal and neurological examination is done to determine the root cause and exact location of the cause. In some cases x-rays and MRI may also be indicated to further evaluate the damage. Chiropractor will then determine the proper course of care and plan treatment depending upon all examinations. This treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, lumbar traction, muscle stimulation and also ultrasound, heat or ice therapy, as well as light exercises. If the damage is too severe then an additional care or another professional might be referred by chiropractor.

Leg pain and leg pain which occurs with additional symptoms like; numbness or tingling should not be left untreated. Delay of treatment or care can result in permanent damage.

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