pinched nerve


Nerves are very important and essential to our body as they pass critical messages to the brain, spinal cord and other organs. When there is compression or pressure on these nerves by surrounding tissues or muscles, we get a sharp pinching feeling, Pinched Nerves!

In any case pinched nerves should not be ignored as this is a warning signal of a damaged or injured nerve. The pressure may be result of repetition of body motion or holding body’s position for a long duration. Other causes of pinched nerves include herniated or degenerated disks.

When a nerve gets pinched, it stops the entire flow and eventually it may cause nerve fiber to die. And which ultimately cause numbness on skin and also affect muscles.

Pinched Nerves and Chiropractic Treatment:
Chiropractic treatment is the most effective treatment for pinched nerves as it mainly focuses on spinal adjustments and it checks particularly for compression of nerves between vertebrae. Thus finding the affected area can help tremendously to alleviate pinched nerves. Realignment of the spine can ease the pressure on nerves and relive from pain.

As a pinched nerve can affect not only the local area, it can even radiate pain to other areas too. Like a pinched nerve in neck can radiate the pain in arms too, and a pinched nerve in back can radiate the pain in legs too. That is why it is very important to treat pinched nerves in primary stage or else it radiates pain to other area of the body making it difficult to manage.

When one visits the chiropractor for pinched nerve, he or she will perform a detailed consultation and examination t understand and locate the root cause of the pain, which can involve questions about your current condition to the past histories with the pain. After that he will examine your physical condition, postures, body motion range etc. to understand the severity of the pain and the exact condition of the nerve.

During neurological exam the chiropractor may test your spasms, reflexes to know muscle strength. The chiropractor can also suggest some x-ray scans and reports depending on the condition of patient. Then he/she will plan full treatment for pinched nerves. This all procedures may vary depending upon the patient and his condition.

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