Spine Simulator


Neural network connects all the part of our body also it passes critical messages to our brain and spine. All the functions of human body are controlled and coordinated by neural network and that’s why any kind of interference in nervous system can cause damage to the system of the body. Every important nerve is connected to vertebrae of spinal cord. Through spine simulator tool we can virtually understand the importance of each of the vertebrae and the nerves connected to that particular vertebrae and different body organs.

Spine simulator or Chiromatrix is an exclusive feature which enables users and patients to know about how spine works, and how each vertebra is connected with nerve system of the body and as Chiromatrix is 3D simulator even naive users can understand the structure of spine. This tool shows the connections of vertebrae and other organs.

Due to its 3D design it explains Subluxation and its effects on organs and nervous systems very well. Chiromatrix include nerve charts, body postures, degenerations, Subluxation etc. This 3D simulator animates the connection between nervous system and its related functions of the body and it also contains three different representations of spine. Thus this simulator makes learning of spine and its connected nerve system very easy to understand.

In Chiromatrix clicking the vertebrae of the spine, connected organs and nerves get highlighted and clicking on the organs give 3D rotation with more detailed description. When one clicks on vertebrae we can get to see bigger image of selected vertebrae. When more than one organs highlighted then the 3D body rotates and gives view of a better angle to understand the exact position and posture of the body.

One can also see different tips for proper postures while sleeping, driving, sitting and standing. The standing can imitate a 3D man body and it will illustrate common problems related to postures and one can easily compare that to normal posture.

The 3D simulator can also show degeneration or Subluxation and also illustrate that how it can affect nerves, it also demonstrates the different phases of degeneration.

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