text neck syndrome and solutions

What Can You Do To Prevent Text Neck?

A study of over 7000 young adults between the ages of 20 and 24 showed persistent neck and upper Back Pain associated with time spent text messaging.

Accelerated neck and mid-back spinal degeneration becomes a likely side effect of the forward head flexion often experienced through texting. The increase in disc pressure during flexion contributes to disc degeneration and poor spinal health.

Chiropractic remains one of the most important and effective interventions to minimize and reverse the negative effects of texting. Research clearly proves a connection between text messaging and adverse Conditions in the neck and shoulders.

The spine’s intimate relationship with the central nervous system directly links optimal function and well-being to the status of the spine. The nervous system becomes imbalanced whenever spinal position or mobility becomes altered or misaligned.

The resulting host of unwelcome Conditions and symptoms includes: problems with immunity, digestion, attention, concentration, energy, breathing, Headaches and even heart problems.

Chiropractors detect and correct spinal misalignments to remove stress from the nervous system and allow the spine and body to function like it should.

What Can You Do To Prevent Text Neck?
Here are Simple Strategies to Prevent or Minimize the Effects of “Text Neck”

1) Hold cell phones (and all electronic devices) at eye level as much as possible.

2) Text with two hands to create more symmetry and minimize spinal imbalances.

3) Take frequent, long breaks from electronic devices throughout the day.

4) 20 second stretch – Pull your arms and shoulders back while tilting your head up to look up at the ceiling or sky. Do the 20-second stretch at least once every hour

5) Regular visits to the Chiropractor

Electronics aid in work, play, recreation, and communication. The body remains the most important device at everyone’s disposal.

Ensure the body operates at optimal function levels by keeping the spine and nervous system in peak performance with regular trips to the Chiropractor.


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